We are very pleased to introduce you to our new team member – Viktoriya Lyubomirova. We can share that she enters the work process confidently from the first months.

Future development

Viktoriya is a jurist with a wide range of interests and knowledge. She is actively involved in cases related to intellectual property law, commercial law, and civil litigation.

Viktoriya shared with us her plans and impressions of her work with us so far:

What is the area you want to develop?

The area in which I want to develop is undoubtedly constitutional law. At the same time, I find real satisfaction in dealing with intellectual property, commercial and capital markets law, as well as civil litigation.

How does GGlaw help you?

The continuous improvement that working at GGlaw requires is a great help to a person’s growth as a person as well as a professional. Being confronted with different and interesting cases provides an opportunity to develop my analytical legal thinking as well as my skills in dealing with complex tasks.

What skills does working at GGlaw help you develop?

The skills that I am developing at GGlaw are definitely communication and adaptability to the rapidly changing environment around us, which is crucial for providing quality and timely legal services.

The cases that I am faced with help to develop my creativity, and the independent assignments greatly enhance my sense of responsibility and discipline.

Let us know what you think of GGlaw so far

Working at GGlaw is a very orderly process that epitomizes a well-oiled machine. The rules by which this machine – in the person of the team – operates are extremely clean and well-grouped, making the work process extremely smooth. This is what I like about working at GGlaw – everything is detail-oriented and it is a real pleasure to work in this environment, allowing for constant personal and professional development. Last but not least, its innovative nature allows me to be exposed to subject matter that is relevant and interesting from a legal perspective.

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