Our team provides a full range of services related to intellectual property rights. We also have a niche expertise in providing legal protection in online copyright infringement cases.

The creation, publishing, recording and performance of works of art are all regulated by copyright and related rights. Objects of copyright can be not only works of literature, music, photography, cinematography and paintings, but also software products, web and graphic design, types, fonts, databases and architectural projects. Intellectual property rights regulate their use and reproduction, the author’s renumeration and licensing fees, copyright infringement and more.

Industrial property, on the other hand, is a type of intellectual property associated with trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, domain rights, etc. There rights can be registered and protected before the Bulgarian Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the World Intellectual Property Organization property (WIPO) and more.

Traditionally, trade secrets and "know how" are also considered a type of industrial property, even though under a very specific regime.


Our team has extensive experience in the protection of intellectual property against infringements in the digital environment – on the Internet and by other technical means. Our clients are authors (photographers, designers, producers, software developers) and copyright management platforms whose interests are affected by the misuse of their unlicensed works. In order to detect and prove infringements online, Gospodinov & Genchev uses state-of-the-art means of electronic evidence collection. The high technical literacy of our team is one of the reasons why we are among the Bulgarian law firms with most successfully filed cases for online copyright infringement compensations.

We have considerable experience in consulting and protecting the interests of creators of different information society services – software, web and graphic design, fonts, multimedia and many other works and services. We also have experience in the protection of domain names and other distinctive features.

We have the general competence and training to answer any question related to the application of intellectual and industrial property rights, we have filed numerous registry and other non-contentious proceedings before the Patent Office, EUIPO, USPTO and others. We can always protect the interests of our clients through the assistance of other bodies such as: Prosecutor's Office, Competition Protection Commission, Consumer Protection Commission, Ministry of Interior, Customs Agency.

We also have a strong track record of protecting our customers against unfair online competition – imitation, comparative advertising, unfair customer engagement, etc.


  • Consultation and assistance in copyright and industrial rights cases;
  • Consultation and representation in copyright negotiations and subsequent licensing agreements;
  • Consultation and drafting of NDAs or confidentiality and non-competitive activity clauses;
  • Legal representation in copyright or other intellectual property rights infringement cases.
  • Legal representation in trademark registration in Bulgaria, the EU and USA;
  • Consultations and representation before the Competition Protection Commission in cases concerning imitation of trademarks, geographical indication, domain or website;
  • Mediation and representation in intellectual property / industrial property dispute resolutions;
  • Determining whether a work is copyright protected;
  • Drafting formal notices, declarations to cease and desist and DMCA letters in online copyright infringement cases;
  • Consultation, documents and procedures preparation, and implementing information security measures for trade secrets protection.