Providing legal services to business and regulating their relations with partners, contractors, suppliers, customers, competitors and the State is the focal point of Gospodinov & Genchev ’s work. Our fundamental credo is that we use legal means to solve business problems – minimizing risk, optimizing opportunities and processes, creating added value, building sustainable strategies. Within the broad field of commercial law, we specialize in travel and tourism law.

Our services cover all business relations – corporate, B2B, B2C and employment. We use legal means to establish stable business structures with clear and fair rules for decision making, profit distribution, acquisition and loss of membership rights, liability. We regulate the company's relations in connection to investments and public fundraising.

We can prepare all necessary contracts that businesses conclude with customers, suppliers, partners, intermediaries, etc. At Gospodinov & Genchev we have a special method for analyzing risks in business relations, and for structuring contracts in a way that is based on your specific needs and interests, not on the typical relations in one sphere or another.

In addition to the general business oriented legal services, our team offers specialized services in the field of tourism: relations with tourist services users, relations between tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers and restaurateurs (in Bulgaria and abroad). Tourism is not only a specific business sector but also a heavily state regulated field. For that reason, we offer legal assistance in relations with the state and the relevant regulatory bodies.


Our work at Gospodinov & Genchev is closely focused on serving the needs of the business. Our experience extends to a wide range of legal transactions related to the commercial turnover. We have completed hundreds of procedures before the Commercial Register – establishment of LLC and JSC, transformations, registration of changes, announcement of acts, liquidation, etc. We have extensive experience in drafting contracts with clients and contractors of all kinds. We are involved in the setting up and legal provision of online platforms and stores.

For years now, our team has been specializing in consulting tour operators and travel agents. Many of our clients are tour operators in Bulgaria who deal with both outbound and inbound tourism. In our work we have worked on a wide variety of cases – disputes with tourists, cases with regulators, to negotiations with traders and contractors. We have accumulated experience in several administrative and judicial proceedings against acts and decrees of the CPC, we have represented our clients in class action lawsuits, disputes with airline companies before the Directorate General for Civil Aviation Administration and before court, we have participated in conciliation proceedings and many others.

Gospodinov & Genchev's team has written numerous opinions and consultations for the “Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents” (ABTTA).

We frequently consult our clients on various issues concerning the application of competition regulations and help them avoid risks and penalties. Our attorneys have been involved in proceedings before the CPC in relation to competition lawsuits. They also have experience in court appeals of CPC acts before the Supreme Administrative Court.


  • Subscription legal services to companies or groups of companies;
  • Full legal audit of businesses including – customer transactions with suppliers, protection of industrial rights, relations with workers, protection of personal data, competitive and consumer relations and others;
  • Legal compliance consultations and legal risk management in the preparation of business strategies, operating processes, organizational and internal rules, structuring / restructuring of the business, etc.;
  • Consultations and preparation of commercial contracts and other commercial transactions;
  • Consultations and representation in case of disputes between partners;
  • Consultations and preparation of all types of trade contracts in tourism, such as: Contract for tourist package + general terms, TO-TA and TO-TO contracts, contracts with partners, tour guides, etc.
  • Settlement of consumer complaints and claims;
  • Litigation on consumer and partner disputes before the CPC and the court;
  • Prior consultation on compliance with national and European standards for the production and trade of a given product as well as future agreements and business conduct for the prevention of illegal agreements and consumer rights violations;
  • Consultations on marketing and advertising strategies, acquisitions, partnership agreements, pricing policies, etc.
  • Reviewing and drafting general terms and conditions, contracts, notices and acts that comply with the applicable law and the existing rules on unfair contract terms;
  • Legal advice on e-commerce and the protection of personal data issues;
  • Competition and consumer rights services;
  • Intellectual / industrial property rights and trade secret services;