“Gospodinov & Genchev Law Firm” was established the lawyers Dimo Gospodinov and Genadi Genchev. Its main areas of expertise are IT law, intellectual property rights, commercial law and representation in civil, commercial and administrative procedures. We provide a full range of legal services tailored to business needs. Read here about our areas of expertise.

We have a well-established clientele and extensive experience in providing a wide range of legal services, despite our recent founding. The reason for our immediate and continuing success has been our strong professionalism and the special attention we give to each of our clients.

Our motto, “We care for your success”, is not only a phrase but a manifest of our deep engagement with our clients’ endeavors. For us, the measure of success is the well-being of the people who have put their trust in our hands.


Our mission is to provide high quality services at a reasonable price. To achieve that we abide by high professional standards and use the latest technological advancements in our legal work in order to save our and our clients’ expenses. You can read more about the innovations we use here. We provide more than the traditional legal service – we examine with great care every case and every individual client’s needs in order to protect their rights and add value to their business. We guarantee comfort and security.


In our work we stand by the following values:

  • Focus on the client’s interest;
  • Professionalism and attention to every detail;
  • Trust and confidentiality;
  • Efficiency and maximum utility;
  • Responsiveness and resourcefulness;

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