Legal representation is the legal work that attorneys perform on their clients’ behalf before the state (courts, administrative bodies) or private bodies (PEA, arbitration, notary), in order to exercise or protect your rights and interests. Representation before court is regulated by specific normative principles and rules, whose deep knowledge is extremely important for its effective implementation. For that reason, legal representation is a separate area of our competence, in which we specialize in electronic evidence.

We offer legal representation mainly in civil and commercial cases, but also in administrative cases on data protection, consumer rights and competition. Our in-depth knowledge on the rules of procedure, means of evidence, and enforcement allow us to provide a service that is characterized by the fact that:

  • We can effectively predict your chances of winning a case before we bring it to court;
  • We will never advise you to bring a case unless we have checked and ensured that we will be able to implement its decision;
  • We can quickly and efficiently secure your claim before we start a case;
  • We can evaluate and gather a much wider range of evidence, especially electronic evidence, that can be successfully used in court;
  • We always offer negotiations and voluntary settlement first and we can mediate the dispute;
  • We have a tight and highly organized team that can work under pressure and handle any procedural deadlines. We use external experts when necessary in order to solve specific issues in the field of science, technology, finance, etc.


Gospodinov & Genchev Law Firm has almost 95% success rate in cases before(Не е ли по-правилно “in front of”,че before е за време) Bulgarian courts and administrative bodies. We have successfully represented our clients before all court instances, in proceedings before regulators, arbitraries, conciliation commissions, enforcement and notary proceedings, as well as before registers and other security proceedings.

Our team members are authors of scientific articles and publications in the field of litigation representation. Attorney Gospodinov heads the legal team that filed the first ever class action lawsuit against Sofia Municipality over air pollution in Sofia. He is also a certified mediator with a degree in Commercial Mediation and has specialized “Negotiation” at the University of Michigan, USA.

In our everyday practice we work on new methods and practices aiming to achieve even better results in negotiation and mediation as we pay close attention to psychology, behavioral economics and game theory.


  • Legal representation in civil and commercial cases before a court or arbitration – claims, answers, appeals, power of attorney, evidence collection, etc.
  • Securing a future claim;
  • Representation on order for payment and small claims procedures – European and national procedures;
  • Advice on the possibilities of judicial protection of your violated rights and the chances of success in court;
  • Protection and representation in enforcement cases before PEAs, DUIs, public contractors, etc.;
  • Legal representation before national regulators;
  • Legal representation, appeal of administrative acts and penal decrees;
  • Preparation of formal notices;
  • Representation in negotiations and mediation proceedings;
  • Organization and conduct of ad hoc mediation and arbitration;