We are very pleased to introduce our new team member – Polina Stoyanova. She has quickly found her place in our workflow and team after successfully completing GGLaw’s summer internship program in 2022.

Future development

Polina is a law student at Sofia University “St. In her third year, she has been actively involved in cases related to tourism, intellectual property, and contract law. He is also interested in the legal regime of intellectual property, financial law, and personal data protection. Her plans and impressions of her work with us so far are as follows:

What are your desired areas for development?

The answer cannot be reduced to a single area. My interest is scattered in both private and public law. I am challenged to develop my legal skills in IT law and Copyright law. Alongside this is my attachment to Financial Law and Property Law, which I have already studied.

What skills does working at GGlaw help you develop?

Discipline first and very good organization. Certainty and diligence and professionalism in the work down to the smallest detail and at the same time adaptability to current legal issues.

Let us know what you think of GGlaw so far

GGlaw gives me a very innovative environment to work in, unexpected for me from a law firm. It manages to break me up every working day so that I build a productive and systematic way of working. The different case studies also help me deepen my knowledge in legal science.

The work is dynamic and challenging. It broadens the horizons and gives a future lawyer a “platform”. The team of young professionals, I believe, is extremely strong in their work.

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