АД-Господинов и Генчев

For another week we introduce you to another new GGlaw team member – meet Hristina Dimitrova, a young lawyer whose vocation is the legal profession.

What is the area you want to develop?

The areas in which I wish to develop are commercial law, intellectual and industrial property, and private international law.

How does GGlaw help you?

GGlaw allows me to work and develop in the areas that interest me the most. Daily and varied case studies help me to develop and build on my knowledge and put it into practice.

What skills does working at GGlaw help you develop?

Working at GGlaw helps me to further develop my discipline, concentration, and my analytical thinking. In addition to this, working at GGlaw also helps immensely with my independence in the workplace.

Let us know what you think of GGlaw so far

My impressions so far are that the workflow is extremely detailed, comprehensive, and informative. Every member of the team is extremely dedicated to their work and is constantly striving to upgrade and improve not only their knowledge in the legal field but also in the field of technology. I believe that being part of such a team is extremely beneficial not only for one’s professional development but also for one’s personal development.

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