We are delighted to introduce attorney Sylvia Naumova – the newest member of the GGLaw team. Since her arrival at the firm, she has adapted extremely quickly and has demonstrated impressive litigation skills.

What do you like about working at GGlaw?

What I like about working at GGlaw is the way the workflow is structured and the areas in which I have the opportunity to work and develop. What motivates me immensely about working here is the high level of professionalism of the whole team.

What is the area you want to develop?

The area in which I wish to develop is legal representation. The dynamism that litigation brings with it develops many qualities necessary for a good lawyer. I believe that working in this field gives a very wide scope for both professional and personal development.

How does GGlaw help you?

At GGlaw, I work on a variety of case studies that allow me to challenge myself and develop new skills. In addition, I find that the experience the team has gained in the areas I work in and want to develop is invaluable to my future development.

What skills does working at GGlaw help you develop?

Working at GGlaw helps me not only to enrich my legal skills and knowledge but also to improve the way I approach the various challenges in the profession. Attention to detail and focus are placed at the core of the work process, which assists in our day-to-day tasks.

Let us know what you think of GGlaw so far

Being part of the great GGlaw team is a privilege for me. The work process is meticulously structured, which has allowed me to quickly become immersed in multiple and varied cases. Being surrounded by ambitious young professionals on a daily basis is a real pleasure.


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