This week we are introducing another new member of our team – Gergana Peycheva. Geri joined GGlaw after participating in our summer internship program in 2023. She has demonstrated an enviable legal knowledge and that is why she is our new colleague.

What do you like in the work of GGlaw?  

I admire that every legal service, which GGlaw offers, passes through a number of separate steps before reaching the final result. On each stage of the working process the problem is being investigated more deeply and accurately; a wide range of possible solutions, according to the applicable law, are being discussed, so as to reach the most appropriate solution for the client. As far as I am concerned, this working method guarantees to a great extent a lawful and satisfactory solution.   

In which sphere would you like to develop?  

I would like to deepen my knowledge in Commercial. Tax Law is also of interest to me. I would be glad to gain experience in dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation. 

How does GGlaw help you?  

The work in GGlaw gives me the opportunity to get in touch with interesting and challenging cases in the legal branches, in which I would like to find realisation in the future. The combination of my practical experience in GGlaw and my university study gives fruitful results in all two directions. Thanks to my work on the cases, I understand more accurately the complicated theoretical constructions, whereas the deepening of my theoretical knowledge in the university helps me to conduct my research on facts and applicable rules in every situation more precisely. 

What kind of skills does the work in GGlaw help you to develop?  

The work in GGlaw provokes me to face unexplored problems in law, which stimulates my creative thinking in case solving. In addition, the work in GGlaw helps me to broaden my knowledge in the legal branches, which are of interest to me, while at the same time fosters me to improve my analytical skills, discipline and accuracy.  

Share what do you think about your work in GGlaw to date

To date I find my work in GGlaw absolutely enriching, because it motivates me to love challenges, constantly broaden and deepen my legal knowledge and improve precious personal skills. 

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