The verbal consultation is an explanation of your rights and obligations in the case presented by you with the help of a competent lawyer.

The written statement systematizes and qualifies all the available facts in your case, your rights and obligations are comprehensively presented, and you are given specific practical recommendations to protect your interests.

In both procedures, our main principles are:

  • The full and comprehensive clarification of the facts of the case;
  • We make the legal qualification, not the client. I.e. – we do not expect our clients to come to us with full clarity about the nature of their problem, much less to know what the solution is;
  • We look after the client’s interests through legal and business means, we manage risks in an uncertain world.
  • We are not technically performers of legal tasks.


The “Verbal Consultation” and “Written Statement” services offered by Gospodinov & Genchev include:

The verbal consultation:

  • Preliminary review and qualification (before the consultation) of the facts and documents of your case;
  • A face-to-face meeting in our office or by means of remote communication in which we explain your rights and obligations and answer your questions;
  • We make recommendations for follow-up actions to protect your rights and interests.

The written statement:

  • Collect, describe, research, and systematize the facts of your case;
  • A comprehensive written statement of your rights and obligations;
  • An opinion on how a court or other competent authority is likely to rule on your case;
  • Detailed recommendations and practical guidance on how to protect your rights and interests, including through legal action.
  • The written opinion can be used repeatedly, including to defend your rights before the courts or administrative authorities.