Litigation representation

Representation by power of attorney on your behalf and in your interest in court,
administrative, contentious, and non-contentious cases, before a bailiff, notary, arbitration and
other public or private proceedings.

Процесуално представителство →

Verbal consultation/Written statement

Answers to questions or advice you have asked about specific
business or life situations in verbal and written form.

Устна консултация/Писмено становище →

Drafting contracts, other transactions, and statements

When you want to give legal value and certainty to agreements
or statements, we are here to help.

Изготвяне на договори →

Mediation and negotiations

We offer a variety of non-judicial dispute resolution services
quickly, easily, and cheaply.

Медиация, преговори, арбитраж →

Subscription legal service

Do you need lasting legal help for the day-to-day security of your
business? We offer our services on a subscription basis.

Абонаментно правно обслужване →