Innovations are what make the world go ahead. In “Gospodinov and Genchev” Law Firm we are always in the trend so we have chosen a wide range of new methods in order to provide you with more accessible and better service. In this way, we hope our clients will be satisfied with what we have provided for them. When it comes to the question of – should we enter a new piece of technology into our service it is important how that would be useful for our customers.


Methods of communication:

We use different ways of communication which give our costumers the opportunity to follow the actual development of their cases as well as to be included from distance in our working process.

 Methods of the effective working process:

  • System of Document Generating – the opportunity for standard documents to be created via automatic procedures. On that basis, a new specialized product would be prepared by professional lawyers.
  • Working processes – A previously defined order of steps that provides maximal effectiveness of what our customers want.
  • Usage of external expert resources – we sometimes do not know everything about the case but we know who could help to be sure of our successful result. We explain to our clients the solutions to their problems but not the way how we reach them.

The price is for the service completed – not per hour

Our customers are interested in what kind of service we could offer and to what extent it is useful for them. It is normal that they stay away from the hours of hard work we could spend.

In “Gospodinov and Genchev” we offer the price for service completed. Paying per hour is an option for those who insist on paying in this way for our service. That is a method to predict their costs compared to other offers. On the other hand,  this is a big stimulation for us to be more effective.

The alternative solution to arguments

Although we specialized in the processual representation in law cases we always could offer our clients a successful realization of alternative methods to solve their problems – mediation, negotiations, аrbitration. In addition, these methods are in the first place when we believe that they are more favorable to our customers depending on their cases. After all the client`s interest has a crucial role in our job.


Law as management of risk:

We comprehend the law as a tool that manages risk and overcomes unpredictable factors in the world of business. The norms and contracts between people provide security and some type of legitimate expectation of typical behavior in our dynamic but insecure world. Because it is very hard to make decisions in these conditions – WE are here for our clients to offer them law methods and how to deal with the risk itself.



In our activity, we decided not only to solve law cases but also to prevent them. We understand the way how the methods of applying for the law work, but we also know everything about the business of our customers. We аre trying to enter away from the law mechanism of the relationship between our customers and others and to tell them how the management of business operations could lead to in- or decrease of the low risk for every one of them.

Accessible law:

In “Gospodinov and Genchev” we count on our professionalism and deep view of law and business. It does not mean, though, we did not show our clients how or why we do something. It is a part of our work to make it accessible for those who want it. Our pieces of advice could not be heard if our customers do not understand what they mean. That`s why we make a lot of effort to achieve the best results in order to be accessible to our clients. Our aim is to improve their law knowledge as a method of preventing law arguments and ruling the risk in the business.