The agreement with your partners regarding your rights and obligations as business operations is formed as a contract by us. Our participation, though, is not only to form the agreement technically. In addition, we consult our clients on what type of contract they need, what should be included in this contract as a regulation, and how the contract satisfies their interests – contract performance, assurance of a liability, gathering evidence to ensure the defensibility of relevant contracts. We also provide legal assistance on issues with already concluded contracts with problems such as validity, performance, destruction, annulment, termination, etc.

Our aim is to contribute to having more predictability in an unpredictable world via legal methods – a system of contracts, deals, and statements. We would like to help for identifying, assess, and the management of risks containing in every decision in the business or daily life.


Preparation of contracts, deals, and statements which we offer is actually  the following:

  • Preliminary meetings with the client deeply to examine the relationship between his\her current/future partner and the qualification of this relationship as typical or untypical deals/contracts.
  • Preparation of the initial structure of legal relations and their coordination with our costumers
  • Preparation of a final version accompanied by a consultation with the client on the application of the contract, deal, or statement and providing evidence of its performance.
  • Free removal of technical changes connected with the practical application of the prepared act.