“Better a fence on the edge of a cliff than an ambulance at its foot”

“Gospodinov and Genchev” offers subscription legal services to its clients who are occupied with trade activity, as the number 1 measure for legal risk prevention.

Via the subscription contract, the customer receives current legal service on all questions affecting his/her business.

A lasting relationship between the client and the firm allows the lawyers to be into your business and understand your daily needs better.

Via subscription legal service we do not limit ourselves to the answers to previously asked legal questions. On the contrary, we analyze your business on a micro and macro level, getting you to know your strategies, and observing the work processes and their legality. “Gospodinov and Genchev” offers current legal service, which aims to identify the risks and unpredictability that your company is facing, and, via legal methods, works to reduce and/or secure them.

SERVICE CONTENTS “Subscription Legal Service”:

  • Preliminary analysis and monitoring of the entire activity of the client – from strategy to human resources, as well as the field in which it operates
  • Identifying risks and unpredictability for the business and offer functions that lead to security, predictability, and management of the risk
  • Taking and performing functions (outsourcing) from the client’s activity after agreement with him/her.